New vegemite for toddlers

vegemite-for-toddlersKraft Foods Australia/New Zealand is launching ‘my first vegemite’ – a specially formulated vegemite spread designed to suit a younger palette, with extra vitamins, added iron and half the sodium.

my first vegemite has the added benefits of increased iron, B12 and B6 vitamins and 50 per cent less sodium than original vegemite, designed to be more conducive for growing bodies. The new addition to the family has the same vegemite flavour but just a touch milder.

Kraft Foods Australia/New Zealand head of vegemite, Ben Wicks, said: “My first vegemite is a result of a growing consumer need for products with added nutritional benefits. Mothers told us that they want children’s products that are age appropriate, lower in sugar and sodium, and an additional source of iron. My first vegemite delivers on all of these properties, whilst maintaining the vegemit flavour that Aussies love.”

“What our research and development team has innovated, locally here in Australia, is a product that manages to deliver on the features that make vegemite an Australian household favourite, however with added benefits – a 50 per cent reduction in sodium is a significant achievement for this product.

“With the new fortification benefits, we believe my first vegemite will ensure that this Australian icon continues to be a part of every growing child’s life, just as it has been a part of the Aussie breakfast ritual for more than 85 years,” said Wicks.

A whole grained cereal and fresh fruit still seems like a better start to the day to this journalist, but nutritionist and health expert, Kara Landau, has given my first vegemite her full endorsement:

“With increased levels of iron and B vitamins and 50 per cent less sodium, my first vegemite allows parents to introduce their children to Australia’s favourite spread, with confidence that they are supporting healthy growth, development and wellbeing.”vegemite-for-toddlers-large

Mother and dietitian, Dr. Joanna McMillan, also commends Kraft Foods newest product, stating:

“As a parent and nutritionist, my first vegemite is an exciting innovation, providing children with the great taste of vegemite that they know and love – albeit a touch milder – and with added fortification and essential nutrients to support healthy growing bodies, which will delight parents.”

The recommended serving size of my first vegemite is 2.5g, giving children a boost to their daily iron dietary requirements and plenty of B vitamins to help them grow stronger every day.