Most Romantic Dinner Ideas

Romantic dinner
A romantic dinner is a chance to dress up, a chance to be together without interruption where you get to relax, eat, chat and flirt. This means that when Valentine’s Day comes around on 14th February, a romantic dinner is a perfect Valentine gift for men, where the two of you can focus on each other. Here are some tips to create the perfect dinner to celebrate the day.


We all lead busy lives, and it is easy to get caught up in talking about work, the children and other challenges of daily living as you eat. Make this meal different with food that makes you interact, with both the food and each other. Suggestions include a fondue or fajitas where you create your food as you go and do more than just lift a fork to your mouth. As well as being fun, it means you spend longer dining, giving you more time for conversation.

Tapas style dining

A tapas style menu extends your romantic evening, with finger foods working particularly well for Valentine’s Day, as your hands touch when reaching for food and helps keep the conversation focused on just the two of you.

Simple preparation

Being relaxed and happy for your Valentine’s Day meal is what you want for a romantic dinner. Don’t spend hours in the kitchen getting stressed and tired by the time you are ready to eat. You want the two of you to be the focus, not the food.

Romance before dinner

Good food and wine during a romantic dinner makes us happy, but maybe too tipsy to make romantic moves. A suggestion is to go to the bedroom before dinner, perhaps taking some appetisers with you, such as spring rolls or cheese bites.

Be adventurous

Planning a romantic dinner in advance together can build excitement for the meal itself. Is there something new you want to try, a favourite meal you can make together, perhaps try poutine with its stringy cheese that you can share or try a new flavour combination like cardamom and chocolate.